The Foundation for Amigos de las Américas was established in December 2003 as an independent 501 (c)(3) organization to support the youth leadership and sustainable development work of Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS). The dream of creating the Foundation was born out of the desire to take full advantage of the opportunities available to AMIGOS to make a difference in both the lives of youth participants and of Latin American communities. Working together with alumni, parents, chapters, the Foundation enables AMIGOS to strengthen the participant experience, enhance relationships with Latin American communities and partner agencies, and expand the reach of the AMIGOS mission.

Why We Exist

Establish a strong foundation corpus that provides income to help AMIGOS grow, innovate and be responsive.


Present compelling opportunities to make a difference and inspire givers to financially support AMIGOS with significant gifts.


AMIGOS will sustainably grow and thrive, by offering outstanding youth leadership development programs across the Americas to all who wish to participate.

Core Values

  • Fund high impact AMIGOS projects and programs
  • Build and sustain relationships with AMIGOS alumni, friends and investors
  • Promote the value and distinction of AMIGOS
  • Invest and use resources wisely
  • Manage with integrity and transparency

The Foundation strengthens the work of Amigos de las Américas in preparing a generation of youth for a world that is increasingly multi-directional, interlinked and hugely complex.

Aligning the needs, opportunities, and challenges of global engagement requires leaders who can craft solutions by bringing together people and resources across national, cultural, and even organizational lines (Harvard Business Review, 2012). AMIGOS programs are designed to set youth from the US and Latin America on this path by:

  • Allowing youth to connect with peers and organizations across boundaries by living and working with communities as locals – not tourist;
  • Enabling them to create value with those connections by collaborating on the design and implementation of community projects that have meaningful local impact; and
  • Motivating and inspiring them to be lifelong catalysts of social change.

Current research on the the impact of leadership development opportunities, and AMIGOS 50 years of experience on the field, show that these type of experiences translate in youth that:

  1. Demonstrate higher career aspirations, increased self-esteem, and improved high school completion rates;
  2. Exhibit enhanced civic participation and ability to solve community problems;
  3. Possess higher levels of self-efficacy than youth with no leadership activities; and
  4. Have a greater understanding of the problems facing other youth, as well as fresh perspectives for how to address these problems.

AMIGOS accomplishes these through a model that combines extensive leadership and community training with hands–on, experiential learning.  This methodology empowers youth to make connections, bridge gaps, capture opportunities and create solutions.