The impact the Foundation has on AMIGOS has been increasing year after year as it continues to garner the support of our alumni and broad network.

This impact on AMIGOS includes:

  • Organizational capacity & innovation
    • In 2014, the Foundation supported the launch of the AMIGOS re-brand, sponsoring the development of brand messaging for the organization.
    • Support for modernization of AMIGOS systems in fundraising
  • Increased access to AMIGOS programs
    • In 2015, financial assistance distributed through the national office increased by 50%
  • Investment in staffing support
    • The West Coast Foundation Director is leading our first ever alumni engagement and major gifts program, as well as launching the inaugural campaign for AMIGOS.
  • Community project grants
    • Since the founding, 90 community project grants have been awarded for local projects through a competitive application process.
  • Annual operating support
    • The Foundation now contributes 4% of the AMIGOS annual operating budget.