AMIGOS is an international nonprofit founded on the principle that young people can change the world. AMIGOS programs provide an opportunity for young people to develop leadership, cultural competency, and interpersonal skills that stay with them forever. The success of more than 26,000 alumni who have completed AMIGOS programs demonstrates the powerful and life-long impact of AMIGOS training and experience.
AMIGOS is committed to providing leadership development and meaningful cultural exchange for participants from various backgrounds. AMIGOS’ programs are designed to embrace and celebrate diversity as a vital part of community development and civic engagement.


AMIGOS operates intensive international youth leadership programs that range in length from 4 to 22 weeks.  Given that AMIGOS program structure is so unique in providing development opportunities with cross-cultural exchange and civic engagement for participants of widely diverse backgrounds, AMIGOS prides itself on three major components of its program:

1. Developing cultural competency
The AMIGOS approach to cross-cultural exchange is rooted in respect, sensitivity and sharing. Participants must make an effort to build relationships with community members from the outset of the program as guests in the homes of local host families and by collaborating with local youth and organizations to set up and evaluate programs or events. While participants expect to be exposed to new customs and ways of living, the effect it has on them is often more profound and more humbling than anticipated.
2. Encouraging community development
AMIGOS’ approach to community development is a cyclical process with five key components based on asset-based community development theories:

  • Community Assessment and Relationship Building;
  • Project Visioning and Action Planning;
  • Resource Mobilization;
  • Project Implementation; and
  • Celebration, Evaluation and Planning for the Future.

The 5-step approach, our community-based initiative process, is designed to develop invaluable life-long skills for the participants to use in their college career, personal and professional relationships, and professional careers.

3. Building Leadership Skills

The AMIGOS experience empowers participants to build the critical 21st century skills and we measure the development of these skills using a pre and post test of our participants, which measures a total of 51 indicators across 3 impact areas:

  • Development of personal leadership
  • Increased cultural capacity and competence
  • Demonstrated commitment to community engagement

AMIGOS has over 27,000 alumni that hail from all across the U.S. and Latin America.