Bevil In 1965, a 29-year old from Houston, Texas, named Guy Bevil, led a team of teens into rural Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. Serving communities in remote areas of the country, this group of 181 high school students and 36 adults helped protect thousands of people from the crippling disease and established friendships that crossed borders.This service had a bold impact on the lives of these young people and, as a result, they returned more mature, culturally aware, and inspired to continue serving communities at home and abroad.

The first Chapters were created in 1967 in Denver, Houston, Santa Barbara and Tucson. For the past 52 years, AMIGOS has organized volunteer abroad programs for students seeking powerful life experiences. They experience full cultural immersion that challenges them and leaves them with lifelong memories. AMIGOS sets our youth on the path to be leaders in a global community. Our participants lead projects that have a meaningful local impact, while they live and work with communities and partner agencies across the Americas.

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